Monday, 7 November 2011

Son & father…father & son


Now that I’m old enough I really want to go…I need to learn how to live…Manage my own business by myself …Be responsible and take care of myself. Trust me dad; believe in my dreams even if they look crazy for you… I just want to give it a try…Trust me dad…that’s all I need. I have a life plan and I will succeed dad. I Just need your benediction…



I’m not sure I can let you go this easy way…you are so dear to me…Seeing you leave will tear my heart apart…But I will give you the chance to decide by yourself…It is your life after all. I know that freedom is your aim …But I also know that I have raised you well and I trust you…

Son, always keep in mind that if you need me, I am yours…If you miss your family, we are here for you…If you feel homesick, the house is always open for you. You will always be my little baby…

Rima S- 3rd Arts



I have always felt something missing in my life… someone who understands me… someone who listens to me, considers my ideas and respects my point of view. Dad …I wish I could find this at home. If only you came closer to me, understood me without spending all the time blaming me…without dictating my behavior … While my friends and teachers praise me…you have always made me feel worthless...Supporting me financially does not give you the right to dominate me…You are pushing me to rebel…you are pushing me to go away… But I wish you could just give a hand without interfering in my private life …

Dad, I have always been respectful…I would like to see you appreciate my decisions…I want to choose my own destiny…be active and not passively waiting for you to tell me what the next step is…I have set my life goals and I will achieve them. That’s my resolution…



I am not a dictator and I have never dictated rules. I was just trying to protect you because you were too young to choose... I was sometimes harsh with you because I saw you under the strong influence of your friends…I don’t want to lose you to drugs or any other addiction…I know what is best for you…but I have also praised you when you did good things…Taking you out of trouble is not interfering in your life…I think it’s still early to live on your own son... Family life is a guarantee against social ills…Think about it again…

Ines B- H-3rd Sec



Please, listen to me just this time. I want you to feel what is torturing me. I can't bottle up anymore… I ‘m your son and you have to listen to me. I'm old enough to decide alone…So give me space…let me think, make mistakes and learn from them. You always encourage trial and error…How can I learn without really experiencing the world around me?!

I have dreams and I want to make them come true. But how can I do that when you're constantly pushing me to do what YOU want? That's just not fair…I don't want to marry and have a family and settle down. That would be the end of my life…I want to go places, see the world...

It really hurts me when I try hard to talk to you …but you simply turn your back at me. You become thoughtless when it comes to me…I'm sick of saying this to you and I’m sick of always saying YES to you... Today I’m saying NO! I feel it's time to rely on myself and do what I see convenient…You have to understand that and take it easy...This is not declaring rebellion, it’s simply seeking freedom…I am not ready to sacrifice it… You can't control my life any more… This is my destiny…I live it the way I like…I need space and I will ask for help when I need it...Don’t ever question my love to you dad… You will always be my loving dad!



I love you and I can't see myself saying goodbye to you…I can’t imagine that someday you will pack and leave…my life will be meaningless…. The family is the nest for all of us… This house will be void without you… All I did was to protect you and prevent you from making fatal mistakes…

I have never wanted you to be like me... I was like you once and I obeyed my father. I had my own vision but I waited for the right time to carry them out. Look at me; I'm happy …I have a wonderful family and a wonderful life. You're still young and you don't know how dangerous society is if you’re not coached…You might do things that turn your future upside down….I just wanted to make you a man... I don’t think I was doing harm to you here…I was all the time trying hard to keep my dear kids around me…but this seems to have bothered you…Sorry if I was sometimes pushy and harsh with you ...

Yosra- B- R- 3rd Sec



I'm really sorry, but you have never tried to understand what I say. We can never agree…I have dreams...You prevent me from fulfilling them... You never let me do what I want, take decisions alone without fear… without control… You have never made an effort to understand me…I sometimes wonder if I really exist for you... You make me do what I don’t like…You expect me to think like you …I can’t even talk to you…You turn away every time I come close to you…You do not make me feel I really exist… I will go out and search for people who value me, talk to me, accept me as I am. I can’t be ‘YOU’ dad. I know that you are not listening to me…you have never listened to me any way …It’s high time I started my own life…



Just listen to me …You are not old enough to decide alone… You can make wrong decisions and regret them later…Society is full of wicked people and you may be a prey for them. I want to protect you not imprison you. May be I am pushy and overprotective but I love you son… I have always listened to every word you said but some of your ideas are really crazy…Discussing them would have separated us more…there is so much you have to go through and I have to be by your side…You are my dear son and I can’t let you carry out what is in your mind. It’s not the right time to leave… Take it easy and wait till you graduate from college…

Zina. M-3rd Sec

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Last night I had a dream
That showed me how precious you seem
You’ve been very kind to me
And that really made me see
That you taught us from the heart
With you, teaching and learning became an art
You stood by me, you helped me a lot
And I hope you’ll see the result
Someday, a woman would come to you
Saying with delight you were among the few
Who enlightened her world
With every look and every word
And then she’ll ask “May I kiss your hand?”
Humble, she will feel like in wonderland
Because at last, she could say out loud
And confess in front of the entire crowd
She has always loved you so
And she’ll make sure that all the others know
At that moment I’m sure you’ll remember my promise
Specially written to you today in verse
And if you ask me about the dream I’ve seen
I’ll tell you, and that’s exactly what I mean
That I saw it in my vision
You have –perfectly- accomplished your sacred mission
To my dear teacher H- H -
S. B -3rd Sec.
Checked by Mrs Hadji Hedia.