Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Last night I had a dream
That showed me how precious you seem
You’ve been very kind to me
And that really made me see
That you taught us from the heart
With you, teaching and learning became an art
You stood by me, you helped me a lot
And I hope you’ll see the result
Someday, a woman would come to you
Saying with delight you were among the few
Who enlightened her world
With every look and every word
And then she’ll ask “May I kiss your hand?”
Humble, she will feel like in wonderland
Because at last, she could say out loud
And confess in front of the entire crowd
She has always loved you so
And she’ll make sure that all the others know
At that moment I’m sure you’ll remember my promise
Specially written to you today in verse
And if you ask me about the dream I’ve seen
I’ll tell you, and that’s exactly what I mean
That I saw it in my vision
You have –perfectly- accomplished your sacred mission
To my dear teacher H- H -
S. B -3rd Sec.
Checked by Mrs Hadji Hedia.

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  1. Very nice ! Congratulations Mrs.Hedia for these wonderful pupils...