Sunday, 20 December 2009

New Love

For you my heart begins to beat,

And am unable to stand on my feet,
Something I feel … it’s painful but sweet
It's you that
I dream to meet.

I am more sensitive, I feel in my heart a gentle breeze
I implore God while sitting on my knees,
that this nice feeling will never cease
My heart grows fonder and is eager to please

If it is love at first sight,
That will make me shine so bright
Whether you are away or by my side,
That is
a feeling I can never hide.

If this love is really hopeless,
I will certainly feel worthless
I might even become
Miserable, gloomy and faceless

If you your love is lifelong,
That will make me feel
so strong
And enable me to sing you this song
“If you are in love, you are never wrong”

A-C-3rd Sec

(Checked by A- Hadji)

Whims in ' IF'

Comfortable Life

If I could decide like presidents,
I would provide all earth residents
with food, security and wealth
Until they all enjoy health.


If I were a strong lion in the jungle
And saw dead bodies collected in a bundle
I would attack all those who kill,
Destroy their weapons as well as their will.

If I were as powerful as a king,
All the clocks of love I will ring
And all the warriors I will tell
Weapons are now forbidden to sell

If the moon and stars disappear from the sky,
Neither bees nor birds will fly
And the world will be so dark
That no ship will be able to embark.
Without light, the human race
will have so many problems to face

By a group of 3rd Sec Students

The Cry of Nature

If we are all caring and save nature,

And give a chance to every creature,
Our world will be so beautiful
And everybody is fair and helpful.
Otherwise, murderers will be so many
And our huge world will be so tiny
Death and misery will propagate
No moment of peace will we ever appreciate.

N-M-3rd Sec

(Checked by A- Hadji)

A Dream in My Life

If I had the power,

I would create a huge tower
Where we could have peace and love
With no difference between those below or above
With no humiliation or any kind of discrimination.

We would then enjoy fully our life
Our home would be cozy and safe
We would feel free
Like birds on a tree

In such a world we would be friends forever
And fulfill our dreams together

If I had to express a wish
The Cup of Love for me would be like the sea for a fish
If you offer me the Cup of Fraternity
I am sure I will live an eternity

T-B -3rd Sec

(Checked by A- Hadji)

My Star

If you would like to be a star

Shining like a diamond in the sky that far,

Then you should never stop twinkling all night

And keep challenging the strong moonlight

Until you vanish in the morning.

You are the one I will keep following.

Twinkle my little star, so strong on me is your charm

It helps me, inspires me but never will do me harm

W- O

(Checked by A- Hadji)

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Give me back my weekend!!!

This is a wake up call for everyone who goes to school. We are being robbed of our weekends. It frightens me to see people carrying backpacks running around the sleepy town on a Sunday morning, afraid of being late for mathematics or physics lessons at a teacher's home or- as weird as it may seem- at school. Well it doesn’t matter whether it’s at a teachers home or at school, people shouldn’t be studying on Sunday. Maybe I should remind you of what the idea of a weekend is all about.

A weekend is for getting some rest. You shouldn’t feel guilty about staying up watching TV on Saturday night and then sleeping until lunchtime the next day.

A weekend is also for doing the things that you don’t find time for during weekdays (and those things are already too many for one day), like helping with the housework, especially when you have a working mother who does need some help from her children with all the cleaning left to the weekend. Another thing that every teenager should do is practicing a hobby whether it’s a sport or an artistic activity, but then, how could we indulge in such a luxury when we have no time.

Weekends are for studying too, but by studying, I mean doing some homework on our own, doing a science research or reading a novel. Teachers complain all the time about the fact that nobody does anything at home; well somebody should let them know that we are teenagers with the schedule of a businessman, so it’s not surprising that we spend most of our class-hours fighting our need for sleep. Besides, if I were a teacher, I don’t think I would be very happy about working on weekends.

I guess the problem is that we concentrate too much on the number of hours spent on studying but neglect both quality and the fact that we and our families have the right to enjoy some free time together. So please, listen to my cry for help and give my weekend and my life back.

M-D- 3rd Sec

(Checked by A- Hadji)

Everlasting Love

If I can be in your dreams, I may

Love you more in my own way.

My white angels want to fly away,

Quickly crossing the evening sky.

A strange sound came to my ear,

told me something I did not hear,

How can I have wings and how can I fly ?

Loneliness is hard and it makes me cry.

Nice rose, can you feel it ?

You know this gets me out of my wit

You are great, for me you are a symbol

With you I always feel humble

My plants have grown since they saw you,

My birds sang, nestled and flew,

Kindness lives deep in your soul,

You are my love, without you I am a fool.

Ch-A- 4 L2

(Edited by A- Hadji)

A Kiss To Mom

Mama you gave me life from a baby into a lady

Mama you are the one who hoped,

The one who always coped

When no body was there

Mama you are a warm cocoon where

I never have fear,

And of course no tear.

When you come, it’s the calm

When you talk, it’s a fantastic realm

When you smile, please God stop time

You turn darkness into daylight

And pain into delight

In time of weakness, I derive my strength from your eyes

And I know there is no other love like that of mother’s

If something terrible happens

And you come to say goodbye

Then I know a precious part of me will die

Nothing is left after losing you, Oh Lord!

Goodbye the greatest words I’ve ever heard

Goodbye every single minute I felt safe

Goodbye smiling face in any case

Goodbye reassuring phrase

And now who has to bear the blame

Now, alone I feel so much shame

For all the years I caused you pain,

If only I could stay in your arms again

And beg your pardon for all the trouble

Mother, I’m nothing without you, I am unable

Now all I can do is just pray,

And wait for my dying day,

Because we can meet only when I pass away

But the only thing that keeps me alive here

Is a constant whispering in my ear

Reminding me that you are so near

And telling me that I am always dear

Ch-Z- 3rd Sec

(Checked by A- Hadji)

Unique Love

You said you cared about me

And I know it is true
Because when I look into your eyes
A strong love shines through

You said you adored my personality
And the letters I am writing
If only you could realize
How much love my heart is hiding

You said you wanted to get into my soul
And discover the depth of my emotion
And I can only hope that
What I say and do will prove my devotion

You said you yearn to my heart
And to my extreme tenderness
And I am sure we’ll never be apart
If our mutual love is endless

It is time for me to say
That your love is unique
And what you feel towards me
Is what I always seek

B-H-E- 4
th Sec

(Checked by A- Hadji)

Parentless Child

The heart full of loneliness and agony

The child fights against his destiny

No home, no mother, no father

He lives without friends or brother

Witnesses a world where reigns silence

With pain, he will lose his innocence

Poor orphan! You need patience!

Slave of a world without love and affection

The child is living in misery and dissatisfaction

He sleeps in the open and asks for help

For anything to chew and finally gulp

His life is but a series of bitterness

misery, wretchedness and sadness

As big walls are made of grains of sand

Therefore everybody should give a hand

Donations, food, shelter and a good say

will help this poor boy find his way.

M-M - 4th Sec

(Checked by A- Hadji)

Friday, 11 December 2009

Acknowledgements to my parents

To my parents for bringing me into the world,

For loving and nourishing me when I was young,

For holding me tight when I cried,

For reading me bedtime stories when I was afraid of the ghost under my bed,

For taking me to school on rainy days,

For standing up for me when someone hurt me,

For always forgiving me whenever I did something wrong,

For disciplining me when I was getting too spoiled,

For buying me lollypops and Barbie-dolls,

For making me feel special when everybody else rejected me,

For being my safety net, my eternal true friends,

And mostly for turning a helpless baby into a young lady.

M- D 3rd Sc

Edited by A. Hadji