Friday, 11 December 2009

Acknowledgements to my parents

To my parents for bringing me into the world,

For loving and nourishing me when I was young,

For holding me tight when I cried,

For reading me bedtime stories when I was afraid of the ghost under my bed,

For taking me to school on rainy days,

For standing up for me when someone hurt me,

For always forgiving me whenever I did something wrong,

For disciplining me when I was getting too spoiled,

For buying me lollypops and Barbie-dolls,

For making me feel special when everybody else rejected me,

For being my safety net, my eternal true friends,

And mostly for turning a helpless baby into a young lady.

M- D 3rd Sc

Edited by A. Hadji


  1. Hi Sir
    As usual , you are amazing us with new ideas , I liked the presentation you did Sir , the lofty feelings expressed by this sensitive pupil .My encouragements to this pupil and thanks Sir for this opportunity offered and if it tells something , it tells how much you are devoted to your job . We really learn from you Sir :) Take a bow :)

  2. Thank you Madam for your support.
    I would have liked to include students' longer essays but that's too demanding and time consuming.