Thursday, 17 December 2009

A Kiss To Mom

Mama you gave me life from a baby into a lady

Mama you are the one who hoped,

The one who always coped

When no body was there

Mama you are a warm cocoon where

I never have fear,

And of course no tear.

When you come, it’s the calm

When you talk, it’s a fantastic realm

When you smile, please God stop time

You turn darkness into daylight

And pain into delight

In time of weakness, I derive my strength from your eyes

And I know there is no other love like that of mother’s

If something terrible happens

And you come to say goodbye

Then I know a precious part of me will die

Nothing is left after losing you, Oh Lord!

Goodbye the greatest words I’ve ever heard

Goodbye every single minute I felt safe

Goodbye smiling face in any case

Goodbye reassuring phrase

And now who has to bear the blame

Now, alone I feel so much shame

For all the years I caused you pain,

If only I could stay in your arms again

And beg your pardon for all the trouble

Mother, I’m nothing without you, I am unable

Now all I can do is just pray,

And wait for my dying day,

Because we can meet only when I pass away

But the only thing that keeps me alive here

Is a constant whispering in my ear

Reminding me that you are so near

And telling me that I am always dear

Ch-Z- 3rd Sec

(Checked by A- Hadji)


  1. Very touching !!! Thanks for this pearl ! well - written , well conceived , nice , very nice rather !