Sunday, 20 December 2009

New Love

For you my heart begins to beat,

And am unable to stand on my feet,
Something I feel … it’s painful but sweet
It's you that
I dream to meet.

I am more sensitive, I feel in my heart a gentle breeze
I implore God while sitting on my knees,
that this nice feeling will never cease
My heart grows fonder and is eager to please

If it is love at first sight,
That will make me shine so bright
Whether you are away or by my side,
That is
a feeling I can never hide.

If this love is really hopeless,
I will certainly feel worthless
I might even become
Miserable, gloomy and faceless

If you your love is lifelong,
That will make me feel
so strong
And enable me to sing you this song
“If you are in love, you are never wrong”

A-C-3rd Sec

(Checked by A- Hadji)


  1. Splendid , superb , well - written ,I really liked it soooooooooooo much , how wonderful are your learners Si Abdelmalek :)) Really , very touching :))

  2. Thank you Madam.
    I see you are a regular reader of this blog and value what my students are writing because you-yourself-are standing by your students and know what they go through at that age.
    Thank you for caring

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  4. Sir .. I really liked the wording .. And I hope to learn to write like this :-)))