Thursday, 17 December 2009

Give me back my weekend!!!

This is a wake up call for everyone who goes to school. We are being robbed of our weekends. It frightens me to see people carrying backpacks running around the sleepy town on a Sunday morning, afraid of being late for mathematics or physics lessons at a teacher's home or- as weird as it may seem- at school. Well it doesn’t matter whether it’s at a teachers home or at school, people shouldn’t be studying on Sunday. Maybe I should remind you of what the idea of a weekend is all about.

A weekend is for getting some rest. You shouldn’t feel guilty about staying up watching TV on Saturday night and then sleeping until lunchtime the next day.

A weekend is also for doing the things that you don’t find time for during weekdays (and those things are already too many for one day), like helping with the housework, especially when you have a working mother who does need some help from her children with all the cleaning left to the weekend. Another thing that every teenager should do is practicing a hobby whether it’s a sport or an artistic activity, but then, how could we indulge in such a luxury when we have no time.

Weekends are for studying too, but by studying, I mean doing some homework on our own, doing a science research or reading a novel. Teachers complain all the time about the fact that nobody does anything at home; well somebody should let them know that we are teenagers with the schedule of a businessman, so it’s not surprising that we spend most of our class-hours fighting our need for sleep. Besides, if I were a teacher, I don’t think I would be very happy about working on weekends.

I guess the problem is that we concentrate too much on the number of hours spent on studying but neglect both quality and the fact that we and our families have the right to enjoy some free time together. So please, listen to my cry for help and give my weekend and my life back.

M-D- 3rd Sec

(Checked by A- Hadji)


  1. I totally agree with you dear pupil , You should ask all of those around you that a weekend is for rest and joy , but we're used to work and have forgotten to live our life to the fullest , feel our weekends , but don't you think that even while working you may find the utmost pleasure ???

  2. Nice presentation Si Abdelmalek :) Your learners are fortunate :))

  3. Thank you Madam.
    I would have liked to put the picture in the background to make the text more meaningful. But technically, it's time consuming.