Thursday, 17 December 2009

Unique Love

You said you cared about me

And I know it is true
Because when I look into your eyes
A strong love shines through

You said you adored my personality
And the letters I am writing
If only you could realize
How much love my heart is hiding

You said you wanted to get into my soul
And discover the depth of my emotion
And I can only hope that
What I say and do will prove my devotion

You said you yearn to my heart
And to my extreme tenderness
And I am sure we’ll never be apart
If our mutual love is endless

It is time for me to say
That your love is unique
And what you feel towards me
Is what I always seek

B-H-E- 4
th Sec

(Checked by A- Hadji)


  1. Very nice , really showing to what extent this relationship between a teacher and his pupils is deep , really overwhelmed :))Thanks because you are surely a model to follow sir :))

  2. You are also a dedicated teacher. Your constant contact with pupils has allowed to be close to them and listen to their grievences.
    Carry on in your noble pursuit...