Friday, 15 January 2010

No food. No peace

When I was younger

I used to put my finger
In my mouth out of hunger
It was as dear to me as a microphone for a singer

There was no food
But no one was rude
Though hungry and weak, people understood
That they could

Fight their disease
Or at least seize
Life on the oases
Where they were likely to freeze

They were everyday
Suffering in the same way…
Now, their harm is away
And fears astray.

Just look at my mother;
She’s happy and so is my father
My sisters and my brother
All feel joyous together.

They don’t have shadows,
In their hearts there are windows
They shine with love light
And of course, they no longer fight.
-3rd Sec



The dream in my life, let me say
Is to spread my wings and go away
For that, my spirits are all awake
Ready to do anything for that sake
To live in shade and light,
To travel by day and night
To experience hurricane and bountiful rain
To meet the wizards and those who are insane
M-M-T-3rd Sec

I hate war and violence
And preach tolerance,
Love and patience
If everyone is ready to share
And for needy people they care
We will never witness such a nightmare

H- A

No more slavery
They struggle against submission
And implore recognition
Hand in hand and all together
They can resist forever

F-M -3rd Sec

To be hopeful, I look forward to the future
Only there, my dreams can I nurture
My decision is to always fight
Until the full moon appears in my sight.

F- M -3rd Sec

My heart is beating fast
It seems it has a cast
Happiness comes with love
Like the chuckling of a little dove

B- N- 4th Sec