Friday, 15 January 2010



The dream in my life, let me say
Is to spread my wings and go away
For that, my spirits are all awake
Ready to do anything for that sake
To live in shade and light,
To travel by day and night
To experience hurricane and bountiful rain
To meet the wizards and those who are insane
M-M-T-3rd Sec

I hate war and violence
And preach tolerance,
Love and patience
If everyone is ready to share
And for needy people they care
We will never witness such a nightmare

H- A


  1. I really like the poems ! Freedom and brotherhood are two key terms for a peaceful life ! If only each one of us respected others' views , free attitudes and felt the warmth of brotherhood ! Nothing of the atrocities that happen today would have occured !Hope the future will be brighter for us as individuals and as nations everywhere!

  2. Thank you Si Abdelmalek for sharing ! You are doing a great effort with your pupils and I hope I can achieve such fruitful success as the one you achieved with your pupils !