Friday, 15 January 2010

No food. No peace

When I was younger

I used to put my finger
In my mouth out of hunger
It was as dear to me as a microphone for a singer

There was no food
But no one was rude
Though hungry and weak, people understood
That they could

Fight their disease
Or at least seize
Life on the oases
Where they were likely to freeze

They were everyday
Suffering in the same way…
Now, their harm is away
And fears astray.

Just look at my mother;
She’s happy and so is my father
My sisters and my brother
All feel joyous together.

They don’t have shadows,
In their hearts there are windows
They shine with love light
And of course, they no longer fight.
-3rd Sec


  1. Wonderful poem with noble feelings Si Abdelmalek :)) May you always carry on this noble pursuit with your pupils , because you give as an impetus to carry on :)) Thanks again to you and your learners :))

  2. Thank you Madam. You are always there to encourage me and my students.