Saturday, 16 January 2016

Love out of Rubbles

Love out of Rubbles

My passion is louder than the explosion sound
Sorry DARLING! no flowers, no gifts, no guests are around

If it takes shape, this place could be a shrine
Where stands my angel... who looks so much divine

Today, DARLING, I put my gun down
With the country’s long pain, our love was about to drown

Safe in my arms, enshrined by my heart
Only death, BABY, will keep us apart

Just like in old vows, where people always swore
To be devoted to the one they would value and adore

I promise, love and peace will always be my plea
I will open the cages and set all the confined doves free

(Yasmine Kelboussi- January 2016- 3rd Arts)
(Dar Chabaane Sec- School)
(Checked by Abdelmalek Hadji)

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