Tuesday, 28 May 2013


One day, it was announced to FEELINGS  that the island where they dwell would sink, so they should all prepare, take boats and leave. Only Love remained. 
Love wanted to stay on land until the last moment. 
When the island was about to sink, love decided to ask for help. Wealth walked past love in a luxurious boat. Love said " Wealth, can you take me with you?"
   "   No, Sorry I can’t. There is plenty of silver and gold on my boat. I have no room for you".
Love decided to ask Pride for help "Hey Pride! Take me with you, please”
         "I can't help you Love. You’re all wet and you might spoil my boat "
Sadness was not far from Love. "Sadness, let me aboard”
            "Oh Love! I’m so sad …I need to be alone."
Happiness also walked by Love and was so happy that he couldn't hear Love’s call .
Suddenly a coarse voice reached Love’s ears:
 " Come Love, I always keep a seat for you."
It was an elderly who had spoken. Love felt so grateful and full of joy that he forgot to ask the savior’s name. When he arrived ashore, the elderly went away.
But Love wanted eagerly to know the name of the benefactor.
       "It was Time”, answered Knowledge .
         "  Time? Why did Time help me? "
Knowledge smiled and with the usual wisdom answered : 
Chaima Aouadi -2 Arts- 
Messadi Sec- School- Nabeul
(Checked by Mrs Hadji)

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