Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Street Children

I encountered an appalling sight when walking in the street. By night, scores of sullen-faced, pale, desperate ragamuffins were sitting beside each other in front of a supermarket. They were children "of" the street. 

When I wanted to find out about their mysterious world, I discovered a myriad of hidden things. These feeble creatures aged between 6 - believe it or not - and 14 had to walk for miles in the gruesome streets of the huge city, looking for some money. It happens that, at the end of the day, they have nothing to eat. Therefore, they have to slumber with empty stomachs. And what a "beautiful, peaceful" slumber it is! Exposed to extreme summer heat and icy winter nights, they are most thankful to God for having offered them those few minutes of sleep. I also found out that many of them, especially the boys, are drug abusers, even drug dealers. To make matters worse, I knew that some of them have been illegally transported from their homelands to this city, and that some smugglers serving as mediators ensured it. This is real misery, poverty in its utmost aspect. 

As I asked about the reasons that forced them to lead this street life, I found out that street children shared almost the same life-story  They were either escaping an authoritative or violent family member or contributing in the family income of a family that also lives in the street. For some teenagers among these children, opting for the street life was motivated by a desperate search for freedom, as they can do whatever they want –or at least that was their belief.

Although I deeply feel sorry for those children with agonizing souls, I have to say that their situation will become much worse if there is no real initiative to embrace their cause on the national level. Listen to them, take care of them but also make sure others don’t go through the same hellish conditions.

Mohamed Ali Slama-3rd Arts1- 
Dar Chabaane Sec School
(Checked by A- Hadji)

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  1. Nice description of many of the world's children today. Carry on!