Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Express Yourself in Verse


By Sarah Guessmi_ 2nd Arts_Dar Chabaane Sec. School

 I can never resist your temptation
To me, you’re a sample of perfection
My heart is weary… It's love and infatuation

What I’m feeling is true
But you seem to have no clue
That your love for me is the sweetest coup

I remember that night, while sitting in the park
You said your daily life was a bit dark
And that for YOU I was the first spark…

Or that night when we were in the car
You said you just wanted to shine like a star,
Take me away and never look back on your scar

Far… Far away into space
You would hide me in the safest place
Your heart would be our airspace

Years passed by… But I never forgot your face
Before I met you again, I was like a hopeless case
My life was like an exhausting race

My heart was aching
My hands were shaking
My soul was fading

Your face haunted my dream
You never looked when I tried to scream
All in pain, I lost my self-esteem

My love for you was mad
I was good but I felt so sad
To see those who stole you from me glad

I was lost, but your voice was the sound
That always guided me around
Telling me “in your heart, peace can be found”

Now, you’re gone and I pretend not to care
Looking strong, but I am in despair
Into your photos, I always stare

 Here I am…Packing all my stuff
Leaving those who made my life rough
Going away, travelling… the world is vast enough

Checked by Abdelmalek HADJI_ Dar Chabaane Secondary School

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