Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Unfair and Exclusionary Practices

Written by Ghada Bouzana_ 3rd Arts_ Jan 2017

Good Afternoon schoolmates!

Stealing and killing are undeniably seen as a crime…But have you ever seen somebody convicted for destroying a soul?! I see you surprised!
Actually, this is always ignored and it goes unnoticed.

Hurting the soul is not visible, you don’t see blood…but it’s as painful as hurting the body…Why aren’t we mindful of that?

It is an eyesore and heartache to witness humans make fun of other humans based on prejudice. Here, we expose the connection of an idiot to a victim.

The idiot is the person who allows himself/herself to accept preconceived ideas created by ancestors or society without digging deep into their credibility or trying to find out their foundations. 

Nobody questions those ideas as random and that they have absolutely nothing to do with reality or truth...
So, you see him or her blindly adopting such thoughts and forcing them on reality to make other simpletons take their ideas as an absolute truth.  
And that's how the vicious circle of dumbness goes on!
Yes, we are all dumb to a certain degree, people!

Today, I'm asking you to be lucid. Open your eyes and weigh things up! Use your BRAIN_ the only thing that seems to make us HUMANS- to make coherent judgements.
Why should we call people ugly for their dark complexion?!
Why should we underestimate others because they are fat, tall or short?!
Why should we lock a woman at home simply because she is a "female"?!
Why should we call someone terrorist because he is a Muslim?!
Why should we build mental or physical barriers–between us - and constantly create such meaningless problems?!
Why should we always look aside instead of facing reality?!

People! My friends! With our ignorance and passivity, we've made this life a living HELL! We should take a stand NOW.

Open your eyes! Just count… How many people have committed suicide because of that?!  How many of them have lost their self-esteem?!
Our dumbness led them to madness unfortunately…We ARE to blame.
Look around you, how many victims should we see before we sense our dumbness?!
We are the “HUMAN RACE”, but we are destroying each other!!
 Let’s stop this madness… This torture…This constant agony!
Let’s stop scarring our own souls! 

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