Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Unfair and Exclusionary Practices

Written by Aya Sherif_3rd Science_Jan 2017

One day, I was preparing to participate as an assistant in the Redwood company. On my way there and as soon as I arrived, I thought about taking the elevator since it was a bit late.

One minute later, the door popped open and I came in adjusting comfortably. Two men and a woman in their early 20s stepped inside. I pressed 4th floor button and waited just for an instant.

I saw the woman walk slowly next to me. It was odd… I was confused even more when she slapped the hand of one of the men who was intentionally trying to reach her pencil skirt. I gasped for what seems like ages, shocked.

But still feeling numb, I was witnessing the rude, offensive harassment. I kept glaring at him but he escaped my gaze as he shifted his eyes to look closely at the poor woman. He then tried to play with her long curly hair which was cascading down her back and smirked saying “Hello beauty! ‘’.

The other man chuckled saying ‘’Come on Kitten, don’t play hard to get! ‘’ but didn’t touch her, leaving the “work’’ to his friend. I bet the woman was terrified with what might happen next. Hatred in her eyes, fire in her body, the girl seemed hopeless.

Just when his filthy hand sought to touch her again, I grabbed it roughly and twisted it in full rotation. He closed his eyes, feeling pain gushing in his veins… Not exaggerating, but that was what it looked like.

I felt my lungs were striving for air. I felt shocked and furious. In 2016, we still see women as sheer bodies… Simple objects to satisfy the bestial desires!! I grabbed the woman’s hand, held it firmly while pointing to the two men, spitting venom out of my tongue telling him ‘’don’t you both dare and step an inch or I slit your throats! ‘’

 Seconds later, the door opened and felt a great relief. I picked the tear rolling down on her cheek with my thumb comforting her telling ‘’don’t you bow or your crown will fall’’.

She smiled softly and I headed to the boss ‘office, dumbfounded, perplexed and drowned in my thoughts. As soon as I got back home, I made it a point to share this experience on all social media in an attempt to raise awareness and make people take a stand and rid the world of these psychopaths and their   nasty manners. 

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